la bacheca del mercatino dell'usato re store di trento

Over the years there have been several requests from our customers: those who are looking for something they cannot find, those who need to free up their homes or sell bulky things , those who need to solve small household problems and do not know who to turn to. to limit expenses , and so on.

We therefore decided to make our market a place where even these small problems can be solved . Hence the bulletin board.

Let's find out together

vendi cose ingombranti con il mercatino dell'usato re store di trento

Do you need to sell bulky items such as furniture, vehicles, bedrooms, furnishing accessories, etc ..? from now on you can do it by publishing your ad on our catalog!

The catalog can be viewed both online and at the market, and as always, there is something new every day! Don't miss these opportunities, check them out!


We receive many requests from our customers for items they are looking for, whether it is for need or for collecting.

From now on it is possible to request them at the market and insert them in a special list !

In this way, those who have them know that they can bring them here to the market and sell them with ease , this is because we will contact the customer once the item is displayed !

il mercatino dell'usato e delle soluzioni re store di trento ti aiuta a trovare quello che cerchi
piccoli traslochi e trasporti, soluzioni per la casa, riparazioni elettriche e servizi idraulici trento mercatino re store

The market collaborates with several professionals who deal with solving small problems for the home , whether they are electrical repairs of light bulbs, sockets, cables, small removals and transport , the purchase or sale of apartments, evictions to get rid of cellars or full apartments of things, etc ..

We know that you often don't know who to turn to for these types of services, whether it's for price or trust .

For this we will do our best to help you solve your problem .

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