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How does it work?

We make the selection of what you bring, we expose it on consignment to hundreds of people every day and after having sold 50% of revenues


The delivery of the items is made by appointment only. At the established date / time, 30 minutes will be dedicated to selecting and evaluating the things you want to sell.


Per prendere un appuntamento puoi:
scriverci su whatsapp: 324-8391698

chiamarci al fisso:
venire di persona al mercatino.


Attention: if you have ONLY ONE item to sell, you can deliver it without making an appointment, from Tuesday to Saturday starting at 12.00

Before taking your things to the market, remember that they will be put on display and other people will choose whether to buy them.

For this, make sure they are in good condition, functioning and salable at the current time of the year.

Per sapere cosa ritiriamo
e cosa non trattiamo,
visita la pagina "cosa portare"

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